Thermoline Tray ®

A revolution in meal distribution

Active heated Tray. Warm, safe and tasty food in each time. Without compromise.



Active - Tray

The highest level of active heated hospital trays. The most powerful meal-on-wheel system. Sufficient power for storage and reheating of chilled meals. 150 Watt built in electronic controlled heating guarantees the absolutely safe food temperature by very long storage time or any distance transportation, not important in what indoor/outdoor temperature conditions as for example in well airconditioned space or in arctic outdoor delivery.


Thermoline Tray

ThermoLine is ingenious tray system using controlled, variable heating zones and sets new standards in „cook and serve“ catering. With ThermoLine you can heat each dish precisely to the right temperature and then keep it at designed temperature while the meal is being transported, for how long time how you want. No worry about dishes cooling down en route or arriving overcooked and dried out is needed. Smart sensors check the initial temperature of each dish, heat it up to the right level and make sure the temperature stays constant while the meal is being distributed and eaten.

The intelligent modular design of the tray prevents heat being transferred from hot dishes to cold ones – which means that both can be served simultaneously.

Ward trolley

The ward trolley is an ideal method for distributing meals to patients. It is simple to use – just plug in, switch on and go! Low weight and high maneuverability. It keeps meals warm for hours with minimal energy consumption. It offers also a shelf for storing the insulated lids while a patient is enjoying the meal. Ward unit keeps food warm as long as you need.




height 85 mm (including lids)
Lid large: Ø 257 mm, height 65 mm
Lid small: Ø 162 mm, height 65 mm
Weight: 3,3 kg (tablet including lids and dishware)
2,0 kg (tablet including lids, without dishware)
Voltage: 24 V DC +/-10%
Input: 150 W +/- 10%
Temperatures: Large plate: (Ø 219 mm): 85°C + 10%
Small plate: (Ø 124 mm): 90°C + 10%


soup bowl – capacity 0,25 l, Ø 120 mm
plate deep – capacity 1,1 l, Ø 230 mm (alternative part)
plate – Ø 230 mm
salad bowl – capacity 0,25 l, Ø 110 mm


safe up to 80°C for washing and up to 90°C for rinsing and drying


- Cook&Serve – keep the right temperature during transport
- Cook&Chill – preservation method in which meal is prepared and portioned, cooked, then chilled to 3°C in a central kitchen
- Cook&Freeze – preservation method in which meal is prepared and portioned, cooked and frozen to -20°C in a central kitchen

Basic function:

Both embedded stainless steel plates are being switched on while the lids are put on. When the lids are removed, the plates are switched off automatically. It means in case there is only bowl with soup put on small plate and covered with lid you can heat just this plate. The large plate does not heat in this case (unless you use the lid).

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